Introduction to the Center

Digital Manufacturing Try-out Center

The Digital Manufacturing Try-out Center is a practical R&D center that provides one-stop support for commercialization of creative ideas for companies in the Jeju region with inadequate manufacturing infrastructure.
As such, the Center provides commercialization support including product design, prototype manufacturing, and quality analysis for small-scale batch production, and manufacturing personnel training to strengthen digital manufacturing capabilities.

As production and consumption patterns at home and abroad are moving towards customized small quantities of a wide range of products, digital manufacturing technologies are needed to meet demand for lower production costs and short production and delivery periods.

For this purpose, the Center offers precise analysis and diagnosis to provide solutions that address the technological difficulties experienced by small and medium enterprises in the Jeju region, and support for commercialization of technologies that are difficult for such enterprises to execute independently.

Along with presenting our vision for digital manufacturing technology, we are striving to proliferate the supply of digital manufacturing technology in the Jeju region by means of education and seminars.

Our Center will continue to pursue commercialization of advanced manufacturing technology through the utilization of digital manufacturing equipment capable of generating great added value for Jeju manufacturing industries by preemptively dealing with the innovation policies of manufacturing businesses in Korea and overseas.

Digital Manufacturing Try-out Center

※ The Digital Manufacturing Try-out Center is the primary regional center of the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology and is supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, and Jeju Special Self-governed Provincial Government.


  • 01.Customized technology support using digital manufacturing equipment
  • 02.Establishment and provision of a product development information library
  • 03.R&D and transfer of next-generation digital manufacturing technology
  • 04.Consultation and guidance for technologies that are difficult to commercialize
  • 05.Education and cultivation of technical personnel for small and medium manufacturing enterprise workplaces
  • 06.Establishment and operation of equipment to strengthen digital manufacturing capabilities
  • 07.Surveying and analysis of the latest digital manufacturing technology trends
  • CAE
  • 3D CAD/CAM
  • 3D printing and precision processing
  • Molding
  • Characteristics and quality analysis

Main tasks

Technology support and company support projects

  • 01. Technological support for digital manufacturing equipment
    • Exterior design and reverse engineering of products
    • Injection and blow molding interpretation
    • Quick woodwork and prototype manufacturing
    • Prototype mold design and manufacturing
    • Quality analysis through exterior and non-destructive product examination
    • Analysis of physical, chemical, and material product characteristics
    • Product development data management, process design, and analysis
  • 02. Development and support for manufacturing technology commercialization
    • Core technology support
    • Process technology support
    • Trial/prototype technology support
  • 03. Continuous discovery support for small & medium enterprise R&D projects
    • Prior industry and technology survey
    • Consultation for customized technology development
    • R&D planning

Technology education

  • Basic and advanced digital design education
  • Reverse digital engineering education
  • Plastic 3D printing education (DLP, SLS, Polyjet)
  • Basic education in mold and component processing CAM
  • Basic education in plastic injection molding and interpretation
  • Basic education in PET blow molding and interpretation
  • Education in product characteristic analysis equipment
  • Education in product quality inspection equipment
  • Digital manufacturing technology seminars